How to Remove Oil Stains From the Sofa

Sofa enhances the look of the home and is one of the most comforting upholstery but there are times when it gets stained by oil. These stains are dangerous to the fabric of the sofa and if not treated on time then you may end up replacing it with a new one. So to avoid all these situations it is essential to get rid of the stains. There are many owners who try treating the stains using a harmful chemical that is not safe for both humans and pets and you may get in contact with a lot of allergens so it is better to clean the stains using homely methods. 

There are many natural methods through which you can treat the oil stains, stick to your couch and give it a new and refreshing look. Moreover, these ingredients are easily available in every kitchen and are completely safe for the fabric and your loved ones. So below given is the one of the finest sofa oil  removal procedures. 

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Best Method of Treating the Stains From the Couch

Step 1: Remove the Excess Oil 

Firstly, you need to remove the excess amount of oil from the sofa using a fresh cloth. Try to absorb the oil as much as you so that later you can treat the stains easily. Make sure you are using dry cloth while doing this and not spreading the oil on the other areas.

Step 2: Use Baking Soda

In the next step, use the baking soda so that it extracts the stains. Let the baking soda be on the oil stains for more than 12 minutes. See to it that you are covering all the stains using the baking soda.

Step 3: Clean the Baking Soda

After some time cleaning the baking soda using the vacuum machine. Ensure that the vacuum has the brush attachment so that it removes baking soda as well as the other loose particles from your couch.

Step 4: Use the Vinegar

After some time add 1 tablespoon of white vinegar with 2 cups of warm water in a bowl and even add 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap. Later take a cloth and dip it in the solution made and slowly dab it in the stains. Blot the stains properly to lift all the oil from the couch. 

Step 5: Rinse and Dry the Sofa

Rinse the sofa thoroughly using the freshwater, take a bowl and add some fresh water into it and later using a cloth dab on the area again. To dry it you can use some dry clothes and place it there and let it be for good long hours. 

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Book the Professional Couch Stain Removal Service

If you want to seek help from professionals then do not look further and hire us. We at Squeaky Clean Sofa – Sofa Cleaning Melbourne offer quality upholstery cleaning service at a reasonable price. All our staff is highly experienced and can treat the oil stains using the safe solution. We aim at delivering 100% good results. 

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Most Common Causes of Leather Couch Damages

Between normal wear, scratches, holes, and tears, it can be hard keeping leather furniture looking new. Luckily there are a number of options available for those who would prefer to fix the old couch instead of investing in a brand new one. Whether by using a special kit, engaging in pure do-it-yourself leather care, or hiring an upholstery cleaning hobart professional, it is possible to salvage even heavily damaged leather couch.

Scuffs and Scratches

One of the most common elements in leather couch repair involves addressing scuffs and scratches. While most upholstered furniture can easily handle dings from wooden furniture, shoes, or kids’ toys, leather responds to such abuse with scuffs and scratches. It’s incredibly easy to scratch up the surface of the leather, leaving unsightly marks on an otherwise plush surface. Luckily, this is also one of the easiest types of damage to fix. Most leather couch repair kits come with detailed instructions on how to address minor scuffs. Individuals can even apply colour leather balm to cover up such surface damage.

Tears and Puncture Holes

Tears and puncture holes are a more serious type of damage and necessitate a bit more detailed process to repair. Some do-it-yourself guides suggest that individuals use leather shoe polish in the same colour as the couch, but that does nothing more than cover up the tear, which can be opened up again and expanded over time. The cut should be addressed quickly using the chemical compounds in most leather couch repair kits to seamlessly reconnect the edges. If the tear is much larger or if dealing with a puncture hole, a patch may be inserted underneath the hole and the glued together. This can prevent the hole from growing larger and can preclude the need for a complete reupholstering.

Stains and Discoloration

Another common leather repair issue is discoloration or stains on the leather. A number of different substances can stain leather, especially if the couch is white or another light colour. Dyes in denim, newspaper print, and food spills can all leave their mark. Most of these can be removed by using a mixture of warm water and non-bleach dish soap, but some stains are a bit more stubborn. By investing in some leather colorant or colour leather conditioner, individuals can restore the proper colours to their couch or, at the very least, cover up the stains.

General Wear and Cracks

Finally, even if a family manages to avoid all of the above damage, even just general use of the couch can result in signs of wear and cracks in the leather. Owners must keep their leather furniture well-conditioned in order to prevent it from drying out and flaking. Once the leather has begun to flake apart, the integrity of the hide has been compromised and can be almost not possible to fix fully. Some conditioners may claim to restore cracked leather to its former glory, but most professional leather couch repair services will choose instead to replace the damaged leather and match the colours.

In order to keep leather couches looking new and attractive, it’s best to keep the leather well-conditioned and avoid significant damages. However, when life occurs, always be sure to address the damage right away to avoid compromising the integrity and strength of the leather.

Stains Which Impact Your Leather Couch

The leather couch may be susceptible to many types of stains. The upholstery items present in your house are quite prone to get stains. There are multiple sources of the stains that can damage your upholstery fibers as well. You need to be careful while dealing with these hard stains as a small mistake can result in making the stain permanent. Hence, there are various stains that can be on your leather couch upholstery. So, here are some of the stains that can impact the leather couch of your house and you need to be aware of them.

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Avoiding Stains for Leather Couch

Water-Based Stains

The water-based stains usually encompass a large amount of the household carpet stains. The water-based stains also include beverages such as beer, soda, juices, liquor, and milk. It also involves mud, paint, dirt and ink stains on the leather upholstery. The water-based stains usually occur in the living room or bedroom, as both of the stains are listed among the most causing stains. 

Oil-Based Stains

The oil-based stains are among the most usual stains which are a bit more difficult to be removed than the water-based stains. These stains also involve the cooking oils, adhesives, crayons, glue, crayons, tars, polishes, makeup, butter, waxes, and gravy. You should contact the expert upholstery stain removal for removing the oil-based stains as they are difficult to remove in comparison to the water stains. 

Pet Stains

Pets, most importantly cats as well as dogs, can be the culprit for the stains. Homeowners are especially on the risk of the pet stains when the cat or dog is beginning to learn where and when for relieving themselves. In the cases when your pets are mature, then accidents can also happen.

If you spend most of your time on the upholstery, its odour can also seem inside the material of the upholstery. You may regularly deal with the stains and odours provided by pets and experience for removing the stains. You need to take the help from the experts for the upholstery stain protection as they suggest you the best methods for cleaning them. 

Other Stains

There are many other types of stains which can also occur on your upholstery items such as coffee, dyes, blood, and tea. These stains are listed among the hardest stains to be removed from the upholstery.

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Trust Our Experts for the Stain Removal

We know that you just invest a lot of cash for purchasing the upholstery things and you ne’er need them to induce broken or dirty therefore simply. Thus, the following pointers area unit counseled by Squeaky Clean Sofa experts to keep upholstery cleans. You’ll additionally prefer to rent our Local Upholstery Cleaning in Melbourne to clean up all of your upholstery. Our professional works with the aim of providing full satisfaction to our customers in each doable manner. We have a tendency to area unit invariably offered for our shoppers to assist in each scenario or downside long-faced by them for upholstery cleanup.

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Stunning Ways to Green Clean Your Couch

Need your couch to use in a long run? Obviously, the couch and love seats are not the things to be supplant month to month or yearly. Your love seat and couch are they are the significant piece of your day by day schedule. These are places where you can relax apathetically and make the most of your time. Other than giving solace, your couch assumes a noteworthy job in home stylistic theme. Messy and stained upholstery takes the appeal of your home and make the environment look dull, exhausting, and filthy. Be that as it may, do you truly have an alternative? What on the earth can help you cleaning those frightful stains? Indeed, you can attempt a few different ways to make your upholstery stain and earth free.



Try not to need to utilize commercial cleaning solutions on your upholstery? We have presented to you the absolute most ideal approaches to clean your lounge chair utilizing common fixings. Be that as it may, before continuing with the approaches to clean the stain up your couch, let us tell you, it is ideal to vacuum your upholstery week after week. Vacuuming or brushing guarantees there is no collection of soil on your couch surface.

Approaches to Remove Stains from Upholstery Naturally:

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide works superbly with regards to the remove red wine stain from upholstery. This fixing can likewise help in disposing of ink stains also. The procedure of red wine stain expulsion is as per the following:

  • Blotch up the wine from the couch however much as could be expected utilizing a paper towel.
  • Make a blend by including one teaspoon of fluid dishwasher into one cup of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Dunk a dry towel into the cleaning arrangement and smear it on the wine recolor.
  • When the stain has gone, touch the zone with virus water utilizing a perfect fabric.

Egg Yolk

For difficult stains like tea or coffee on the couch, egg yolk can do the miracles. Just blend egg yolk with tepid water and rub the blend on the stained zone.

Whipped Detergent

Another best answer for any spill and any sort of stain is whipped cleanser. Take a compartment, occupy half of the space with dishwashing cleanser and fill the other half with water. And afterward whip the cleanser arrangement utilizing a hand blender. A short time later, plunge a perfect material in the foam and rub onto the spot. At last, flush the treated region with water.


In the event that you are treating a general stain, blending shampoo with water and scouring it over the stain can just take the necessary steps.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning upholstery is a standout amongst the most ideal approaches to evacuate the obstinate stains. This technique just uses water and power to make your couch clean significantly. Indeed, even experts utilize this strategy to give you the ideal outcomes.

Uncertain about whether these medicines will work? Take the ensured treatment for your stained couch by procuring the experts. We at Squeaky Clean Sofa, provides the best expert Upholstery Cleaning Canberra service utilize the eco-accommodating cleaning arrangements that are challenging for the stain, yet totally ok for upholstery fiber. Our cleaners are exceptionally experienced and recognize what treatment will work for your sofa fiber. All in all, what are you sitting tight for? Call us today and the best and affordable services for couch stain removal.

Upholstery Cleaning Techniques

Upholstered furniture Cleaning is good, so find good and easy most effective method or ways to do it? There are, many chemical products and green product to use on all furniture, and there also are some more ecological products if you prefer. Another consideration is protective care, such as regular dusting and vacuuming and, you can use covers on high traffic areas of your furniture.

Upholstery Care

When it’s time to clean the upholstery, it is important to choose the most effective cleaner. Choose a cleaner that is safely use on your fabric, and one that does not contain any harsh chemicals or abrasive elements. It is also a good idea to choose a cleaner that both cleanses and deodorizes.


The first rule of caring for upholstery is to vacuum the cushions and backs of the furniture every week. To remove loose soil and crumbs, use a soft brush or the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Whatever cleaning methods you use to protect your upholstery, check the fabric tags and test a small, hidden spot of the upholstery before applying the cleaning solution to the entire item. For non-toxic cleaning, use a mixture of equal parts water and liquid dish detergent, then scrub with a soft brush. For grease stains, use zero all purpose cleaner or upholstery shampoo with cool water, and scrub the soiled area with a soft brush. Another solution for stains is some hydrogen peroxide mixed with cool water. apply it on the stain, let it sit for a few minutes then clean with cool water.

Furniture Cleaning Products

Any, food, coffee ,wine, or grape juice and other unpleasant items possible spilled may happen on your family furniture. It’s a good idea to learn how any upholstery can be cleaned before you buy. It is easier to buy furniture that can be cleaned with water solution or has fabric with stain-resistant properties. Dry cleaning is quite expensive. When possible, you should clean any stain as soon as possible so it does not have time to dry. If the fabric can be cleaned with water solution, mix it with about 5 tsp. of mild dishwashing liquid. If the spill is greasy or something with maple syrup or honey, you will be more successful with a solution of equal parts of white vinegar and water. Don’t rub vigorously; it will spread the stain. Also make sure to rinse after applying the solution, and blot the area with cloth or paper towels.

Here are some stain cleaners upholsterer use spray-way spot lifter, zero all purpose cleaner, max remover.

Professional Products and Cleaning guide


Spray-way spot lifter and Scotchgard are popular cleaner for upholstery and can be used on natural fabrics such as cotton and wool, and synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon. It is not recommended for suede, plastics or vinyl. As with any product, it is advisable to test it first in an inconspicuous spot for color bleeding. Some people use cloths with cleaning products already in them and find them efficient and easy to use. Many professional upholstery shampoos are suitable for home use. Be sure to check the fabric tags as to what kinds of cleaners will work, and follow the directions for the cleaner carefully. You need to clean small areas at a time, applying the shampoo, then rinsing each area. The shampoos that dry to a powder are easy to use and can be vacuumed off.

When self cleaning is not an option, find a reputable company with best Upholstery Cleaning in Toorak to come to your house and clean the upholstered furniture. Steam cleaning is the most common method and usually is done every two years or less. upholstery that has removable covers, can be wash with whisk or take them to a dry cleaning store. Make sure to give info on what type of fabric it is, and make sure to use experience cleaners.


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What is the Best Way to Clean a Fabric Sofa?


Fabric sofas always look greater and stand as a first choice for most of the people. Fabric sofas add amazing look and richness to your interiors. But, it is also very difficult to maintain because even a little spill or stain becomes a big nightmare when you start the cleaning process. However, the spills and stains are most common and happen anytime, unless you adorn your couch with the plastic covers.

If you did not cover the couch with appropriate coverings you will have to face an unnecessary mess when something spills on the leather couch. If it is a minor issue to face you can fix it easily at home by using some homemade solutions or else you must search for the Fabric Couch Cleaning nearby and fix an appointment with them to clean the fabric couch. Here are the tips to clean the fabric sofa:


Look Before you Start The Cleaning Process

If you want to achieve the best results, you must consider a few factors before you start cleaning the fabric sofa given by Squeaky Clean Sofa.

Review Your Manufacturer’s Instruction

Before you clean any type of sofa or couch you must check the label for the manufacturer’s instructions. The label will instruct you what to use and how to use to remove the stains from the sofa. If you use the wrong product and follow wrong cleaning procedure it will entirely spoil your sofa and leaves irreparable damage.


Tags are the perfect place to get answers for many cleaning questions

If the manufacturer’s instructions are not available don’t give up. You’ll definitely find the tag on the sofa cushions. The tags will give you a perfect suggestion to clean the sofa. You’ll be mentioned with perfect cleaners, procedures, also state whether the material is water-soluble or not. Therefore, make sure to check the tag before you start the cleaning.

Properly Read the Tag to Save Your Time And Grief

When you take a look on your tag you’ll find anyone of this letter, here is what each of the letters means:

  • W- clean the material using water-soluble materials
  • S- clean the material using solvent based cleaners
  • W/S- use either water based or solvent based cleaners
  • X-vacuum only

Never use wrong chemicals on the sofa as it will completely ruin your material and no meaning for your investment and time. Don’t put your furniture on risk, just stick to tag instructions and follow them exactly.

How to Clean the Fabric Sofa If it is Stained

First check what mention on sofa tag is and purchase the same type of cleaners to clean the sofa. If it is mention X you must only Sofa Cleaner.

You Need the Following Ingredients and Materials to Clean the Fabric Sofa

  • Vacuum cleaner with upholstery attachment
  • Light colored micro-fiber cloth to prevent bleeding of water or cleaner into the sofa fabrics.
  • Large bucket
  • Distilled water, do not use tap water because the mineral in the tap water will leave residues.
  • Detergent liquid or liquid soap
  • Distilled white vinegar

Note: When you prepare your own homemade solution always spot test the cleaner at any corners or the sofa before using it on the entire thing.


Cleaning Process

  • Thoroughly vacuum the couch to avoid rubbing the dirt and debris while cleaning the sofa
  • Take a bucket and mix 2 cups of distilled water with 1 part of the detergent liquid and 1 part of white vinegar
  • Mix the ingredients well and moist the microfiber cloth in the solution
  • Gently blot the stains with the cloth, do not rub or scrub the stains as it will penetrate deeper into the material fabric.
  • Now, moisten the microfiber cloth in the distilled water, do not use detergent liquid or vinegar. Just blot the stained is to remove the soap
  • Now take a dry cloth and blot the surface once again
  • Allow the surface to air dry completely

How Upholstery Cleaning Relates To Our Health?

Most people wouldn’t think to relate upholstery cleaning to their health. But, the truth is upholsteries, just  like curtains and carpets, can absorb a lot of allergens, grease and other pollutants. The allergens in the fabric get released when due to different movements-like when you wiggle or sit on the couch, stamp your feet, lay down and more or move your couch any other ways.

It can eventually lead to polluted household air which when comes in contact with you, your kids or your pets, can have allergic reactions.

Also, inhaling allergens is bad for your lungs in the long-run. So, you might just see your sofa all clean just sitting there harmlessly, it is actually harming you. If you live in a particularly polluted area or do not have proper ventilation for your kitchen, this problem can get more severe.


So, what does it all boils down to? It all comes down to the importance of upholstery cleaning which sadly many people have still not realised.

It is important that you have your furniture upholstery cleaned professionally at least twice a year and that you vacuum/brush or regular clean your furniture once or twice a week, at the least.

Upholstery cleaning for better Health

Treating Allergies with steam cleaning- sounds a bit off? It might sound unusual but is quite practical. Steam cleaning uses heat combined with force of speeding water which can not only take off grease and other allergens but also kill bacterias and germs.

So, one of the best ways to clean upholstery for better health is with a steam cleaner. If you don’t have one, you can always rent one. Or, even better, have a professional do it for you.


Vacuuming upholsteries, pillows, cushions, carpets and curtains once every week or two is also a great way to decrease the amount of allergens in your household.

Why deep cleaning your upholstery is important?

Dust and other allergens can get deep inside the web of fabrics in the upholstery which means you have hidden allergens in your household. The dust and grime that settle inside the fabrics overtime can be embedded deeply and release slowly overtime. Vacuuming will not be able to take it all out. However, professionally deep cleaning your upholstery can.

Professional upholstery cleaners have equipments with high suction power, the right cleaning products and experience to execute a successful upholstery deep cleaning of your couch, sofa or any other upholstered furniture.


Given that there are hundreds of DIY deep cleaning upholstery videos floating around in the internet, it is natural for many to think they can just do it themselves. However, practicality is trickier than that.

One of the biggest problems people face when DIY deep cleaning upholstery is not being able to suction off the excess cleaning product or moisture/water off the upholstery. That leads to your couch staying wet for over two days which can lead the build up of mildew and the fabric coming apart, fading or decolorization.

Professional deep cleaning of your upholstery goes much smoother, all you have to do is call the professional upholstery cleaning service.

Sofa Cleaning Tips from Upholstery Cleaners

Leather/Fabric Couch Steam Cleaning

Whether you have leather sofa or fabric, cleaning it and maintaining it in good form is very important. Here these five amazing tips will help you to keep your sofa clean for a long time.

  • Start from vacuuming

The first process of cleaning any furniture is vacuuming. Firstly, remove all the cushions and take away all the fallen things such as pens, pencils, remote control, toys and other things. Now start vacuuming the sofa to completely clear the dust settled on the surface. Use some special attachments to clean inside the crevices. Use a soft brush to provide a gentle clean to your sofa’s upholstery.

  • Read the care tags properly

Before you start cleaning your sofa, read the care tags completely to make sure not to make any mistakes while Squeaky Sofa Cleaning Melbourne, such as using wrong cleaning products which will highly damage the fabric. Most of the sofas come with care tags or user manuals that provide complete instruction about cleaning like using the appropriate detergent and correct tools to vacuum the sofa etc.

Read the instructions properly as they will prescribe the correct product and tools to clean the sofa. Buy the right product and use it in the right way. If your sofa has removable covers remove it and clean it or use the washing machine to clean the covers properly.

  • Spot cleaning of stains

If you just want to remove the stains from the sofa fabric no need to go for thorough cleaning. Just try some mild solution by mixing the warm water and dish wash liquid to remove the stains. Before using, test the solution on an inconspicuous spot of the sofa and make sure it doesn’t harm the fabric of the sofa.

Apply the solution with clean cloth and make sure not to wet the sofa completely. Do not rub hard on the stain because it will easily spread deeper into the fabric. After rubbing rinse the area with clean and damp cloth and let it dry completely in proper ventilation. After cleaning sprinkle some baking soda to keep your sofa smelling fresh for a long time.

Spot cleaning of stains

  • How to clean the fabric sofa

The fabric sofas do not have removable covers. In such case, there are several methods to clean the sofa deeply. Just simply follow the sofa care instructions first before you start with the cleaning job. The upholstery cleaning products are easily available, be sure and follow the instructions on the label and clean your sofa, after all, you are dealing with fabric sofa which doesn’t have the removable covers. If you find difficulty in cleaning the sofa hire the steam cleaner to clean the sofa and cushions properly. Make sure to dry your couch cleaning completely before putting the cushions and using it again.

Apart from all the tips just follow these simple tips regularly to maintain the best quality of your sofa:

  • Vacuum it regularly.
  • Do not wet the materials on the sofa especially while cleaning.
  • If your sofa covers are not removable, use steam cleaning. Follow the user manual to get a clear idea about cleaning your sofa.


Upholstery Cleaning Will Keep Furniture Looking New

Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

Maintaining the upholstered furniture is easy and does not take much time. After cleaning the furniture it really looks great.

  • Choose the right fabric

When you buy upholstered furniture, choose the furniture with right fabric for placing it in a right place. This will make your upholstery furniture maintenance easier. Choose the Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne which perfectly suits your lifestyle and this will extend the life of the furniture.

For example, choose the synthetic fibers for the upholstered furniture that you place on the heavy usage areas. If you have pets choose the fabrics that do not have loose weaves and is too much textured.


  • Protect your fabric

The best way of fabric protection is giving proper attention to the spills and stains. Clean your fabric immediately after spills and before it leave a stain on the fabric. The manufacturers do lots of work to protect the fabric while manufacturing, for example, the Upholstery Steam Cleaning Services furniture is treated with the soil and water repellents. Mildew inhibitors are also used in some furniture and additional fabric protectors are used for upholstered furniture to maintain its extreme quality. All these things help in good maintenance and keep the spills from being absorbed and seeped into the upholstery fibers.

Above all, don’t keep yourself in the false sense that you can be careless in cleaning the furniture. Always clean the furniture when something spills on it before it turns into a stain. Completely and carefully follow the manufacturer’s instruction in cleaning the upholstery furniture.



  • Turn the cushions

Extend the furniture’s life by periodically turning the loose cushions. This is one of the easiest ways to keep the furniture fabric clean and long-lasting. This is the easy way of maintenance and allows for the even distribution of wear and tear. By following this method your cushions won’t develop indentations.

After every cleaning, fluff the cushions as this helps keeping them in the right shape. Change the cushions from one place to another because some cushions in particular place get more usages than others. Therefore changing the cushions will maintain the life and even shape of the cushions.


  • Vacuum

Regularly vacuum your upholstered furniture at least once in a week to remove the surface soil. This will prevent the dirt from embedding into the fibers. You can even brush gently to remove the stain from Sofa away. However, always use soft bristles to clean so that it will not snag the fabric.

  • Spot clean

Accidents may happen at any time, make sure not to spill anything on your fabric. Blot the spill immediately with clean cloth if something spills on the fabric. Never rub the spill because it will easily spread into the fabric. Gently blot the surface this is more than enough to completely get rid of the stain.

Avoid sunlight and pollutants

Too much of sun exposure can damage the upholstery fabric and fade away. Try to place the furniture when it is not heavily exposed to sunlight. Airborne pollutants such as fumes or smoke can change the color of the fabric. Proper ventilation can avoid damaging of fabric from the pollutants.

  • Call upholstery cleaning professionals

It is best to call the professional once in two years to clean your upholstery furniture.